[Coral-List] Leading by example #OceanAction14819

Nohora Galvis icri.colombia at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 16:16:01 EST 2018

Recently in the Coral-List some coral reef researchers shared their
Carbon footprint. Some got 1.8planets.  I proudly only get 1.1Planet
what indicates that It is possible to reach a sustainable lifestyle
coherent with what we promote: Leading by example. See Ecological
Footprint Explorer open data platform at
http://data.footprintnetwork.org to see how your results compare to
other countries. Definitely webinars are encouraged to enhance
participation, share our findings and networking.

Another calculator in Spanish
http://www.co2cero.co/tu-huella-de-carbono/ shows that one or two
international flights per year can be done when it is compensated with
an environmental friendly lifestyle.

Citizen science is a way to keep recording data and only goes to the
field to verify it. In Colombia, we have been working with artisanal
fishermen with environmental education. Therefore, we are more
concerned with the unsustainable activities of industrial enterprises
that may destroy coral reefs by dredging, trawling, polluting or oil
exploitation.  Learn more on #SDG14 at

Cordial saludo,

Nohora Galvis

Directora Observatorio Pro Arrecifes
Fundación ICRI Colombia
Coordinadora Red Internacional de Observadores Voluntarios del Arrecife
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