[Coral-List] National Academy Review of Interventions to Increase the Resilience of Coral Reefs

Tali Vardi - NOAA Affiliate tali.vardi at noaa.gov
Tue Jan 30 10:12:44 EST 2018

Hello trusted colleagues,

As you have hopefully heard, NOAA has sponsored a National Academies of
Sciences (NAS) Review of Interventions to Increase the Resilience of Coral
Reefs. The results of this review will guide the direction of NOAA research
and recovery planning and implementation, and we hope it will help set a
course for the global and long-term persistence of coral reefs. The review
will last 18-24 months and will:

   1. Summarize scientific research on a range of intervention strategies
   including stress-hardening, translocation of non-native coral stocks or
   species, manipulation of symbiotic partnerships within the coral holobiont,
   managed selection, genetic modification, and to the extent possible,
   proposed engineering solutions to promote reef persistence. *(interim
   report in ~10 months)*
   2. Provide an environmental risk assessment for evaluating the
   likelihood of potential ecological benefits and harms of the novel
   3. Develop a decision pathway spanning initial research, laboratory and
   field-based research, to implementation and monitoring of the potential
   4. Identify the research needs to refine the intervention strategies and
   reduce uncertainties in the environmental risk assessments.
   5. Assess interventions under near-future conditions (e.g., 5-20 years,
   as projected under the IPCC Representative Concentration Pathway 8.5) for
   Atlantic/Caribbean coral reef systems based on the risk assessment
   framework and available information.

The panel was announced on January 17th and is now open for official public
comment. Please review the panel (below and with short bios here
and *provide
feedback or concerns directly to the NAS **here
the Tuesday, February 6th 2018 deadline.*

The review will only be as good as the information that can be absorbed,
processed, analyzed, and synthesized by the committee. If you have emerging
and yet unpublished research, strong opinions or important observations
from field work, or other compelling reasons to testify, *please attend one
or more of the four public meetings (in-person or remotely via webinar).
And please disperse this information among your networks to encourage
attendance and awareness.* The broader the conversation is early on, the
better accepted the results of this review will be - and that depends on
your participation! The schedule of public meetings is as follows:

   - *Thursday, February 8th, 2018 1-5:30 in Washington DC - REGISTRATION
   - Spring 2018 - South Florida
   - Summer 2018 - California / Hawaii
   - Winter 2018/2019 - TBD

To keep up to date on the location of the meetings and to be notified when
the interim and final reports are available, *please sign up directly with
the NAS mailing list for this study here


Dr. Stephen R. Palumbi - (Chair)

Dr. Kenneth Anthony

Dr. Andrew Baker

Dr. Marissa Baskett

Dr. Debashish Bhattacharya

Dr. David Bourne

Dr. Nancy Knowlton

Dr. Cheryl Logan

Dr. Kerry Naish

Dr. Robert Richmond

Dr. Tyler Smith

Dr. Katherine von Stackelberg

the announcement of the 2/8 public session from the NAS.

In science we trust,


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