[Coral-List] Coastal Sediments 2019 conference session on Carbonate and Reef-lined Coasts

Storlazzi, Curt cstorlazzi at usgs.gov
Mon Jul 16 15:09:29 EDT 2018

*Dear colleagues:*

*We would like to draw your attention to a meeting session on:*

*Carbonate and Reef-lined Coasts*

at the 9th International Coastal Sediments Conference, which will be held
28-30 May 2019 in Tampa/St Petersburg, FL. Please visit the conference
website for more information:


*Aim and Scope of this Session:*

Despite the fact that more than 100 million people live below 10 m
elevation and within 10 km of coral reefs, there is limited understanding
of geophysical processes along coral reef-lined coastlines. This need is
becoming more urgent due to sea-level rise, climate change, and
ever-growing coastal populations. Coral reef-lined coasts that have complex
bathymetry, hydrodynamically rough reef platforms that are evolving through
time, steep and poorly sorted beaches dynamically linked to coral reef
health, and low coastal elevations. To advance our understanding and skill
at predicting circulation and sediment and beach dynamics on coral
reef-lined coasts, a concerted effort from a number of disciplines,
including climatology, oceanography, geology, and ecology, is required. This
meeting session focuses on advancements in understanding and predicting
sediment sources, rates of production, transport mechanisms and pathways,
and ultimately the linkages between coral reefs and shoreline evolution.
Summaries of current local or regional-scale studies, including modeling
exercises, are encouraged, especially if they evaluate responses to changes
in climate, sea level, coral reef health, and/or the impact of
anthropogenic activities.


Curt Storlazzi, United States Geological Survey, Pacific Coastal and Marine
Science Center (cstorlazzi at usgs.gov)

Andrew Pomeroy, University of Western Australia and Australian Institute of
Marine Science (andrew.pomeroy at uwa.edu.au)

Abstracts are due by* 12 September 2018 *at:

If you know of anyone who might be interested who might not receive this
notice, please feel free to pass it along.  We are very excited about this
session, and look forward to your participation.  If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact us.  We hope to see you in Tampa/St
Petersburg, FL!

Curt and Andrew

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