[Coral-List] Final Reminder - Due Monday 23 July (9AM PDT): Up to $100, 000 to Design the Saving Coral Reefs XPRIZE

Matt Mulrennan Matthew.Mulrennan at xprize.org
Wed Jul 18 20:02:03 EDT 2018

Coral Listers,

Important Note: this prize design competition is simply for crowdsourcing input and ideas for the prize’s design (testing metrics, rules of the competition, impact of the prize etc.) we are not yet seeking submissions on specific technologies or innovations involving coral restoration or otherwise.

A final reminder to submit your prize design ideas by Monday 23 July 9AM PDT for shaping the direction and metrics of a Saving Coral Reefs XPRIZE in the HeroX Visioneering 2018 Design Competition<https://www.herox.com/xprizevisioneers-2018-design-challenge/53-corals>. This year, XPRIZE is asking for your help to design the next prizes. We are calling on thinkers and doers from around the globe to help design the next incentive-based XPRIZE competition in the five grand challenge areas of: off-grid energy, disaster prediction, improving the livelihoods of rural farmers, food security, and saving coral reefs.

The Saving Coral Reefs XPRIZE is seeking urgently needed innovations that can scale to protect and restore coral reefs. XPRIZE has prioritized three areas for prize design: Coral Restoration, Local Coral Protection, and Climate Resilience. Overall, the prize design should incentivize innovative breakthroughs in creating a world of abundant, healthy corals.

Do you want to win up to $100,000 in prizes for helping design the XPRIZE to save coral reefs? Apply your passion, expertise, and big thinking by 23 July to help design the Saving Coral Reefs XPRIZE, or help us spread the word: https://www.herox.com/xprizevisioneers-2018-design-challenge/53-corals

For the oceans,

Matthew Mulrennan
Director, Ocean Initiative, XPRIZE

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