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Wed Jul 25 15:11:48 EDT 2018

Aloha - we have extended the deadline for two research assistant positions
with JIMAR working in collaboration with NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries
Science Center. We are looking for two enthusiastic postdocs who have an
interest in helping us with the development of an interdisciplinary
spatially explicit ecosystem model for the main Hawaiian Islands. The main
objective of the model is to provide guidance in Ecosystem-based Management
of the insular ecosystems with special focus on (1) the economic and
cultural important coral reef ecosystem and the deeper meso- and subphotic
zones and (2) social-economic  and ecological interactions between changes
in climate, fisheries & coastal management, and human activities. With the
model we want to evaluate the effectiveness, in terms of the continued
delivery of ecosystem services, of alternative management options under a
changing climate. We like to augment our team with an oceanographer to look
at the impacts of climate change on key species and a social scientist to
understand the dynamics between ecosystem state, ecosystem services and
human well-being.

For more information and to apply please visit the RCUH website:
www.rcuh.com/ and click on Job Postings under the "Work" icon. In the key
word box, type  Oceanographic Assistant Researcher for the oceanographer
position and Social-Ecological Systems Assistant  for the social scientist
position. Deadline to apply for both positions is the end of the month.

For more information on either position please email
mariska.weijerman at noaa.gov

Dr Mariska Weijerman
Ecosystem Modeler - Coral Ecology Researcher
Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research

Attn: NMFS/PIFSC/ESD/Mariska Weijerman
1845 Wasp Boulevard, Building 176
Mail Rm 2247
Honolulu, HI 96818
t: 808 725-5468
f: 808 725-5429

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