[Coral-List] Environmental Specialist II Position

Pamela Benjasirichai pambenjasirichai at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 2 10:05:45 EST 2018

Hello All,
Our Port Charlotte, Environmental Specialist II position is posted on People First/Closing Date 3-9-18.
The link to the posting is below.
Thank you,


Pamela Benjasirichai
Environmental Specialist II                        
Division of Aquaculture
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

941-613-0955 (Fax)

Pamela.Benjasirichai at freshfromflorida.com

East Port Utilities, Environmental

Suites B,C,D & CUBE #1

25550 Harborview Road

Port Charlotte, FL 33980


Please note that Florida has a broad public records law (Chapter 119, Florida Statutes). Most written communication to or from state employees are public records obtainable by the public upon request. Emails sent to me at this email address may be considered public and will only be withheld from disclosure if deemed confidential pursuant to the laws of the State of Florida
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