[Coral-List] administrative note about rejecting email

Mike Jankulak - NOAA Affiliate mike.jankulak at noaa.gov
Tue Mar 13 12:20:22 EDT 2018

Today Coral-List tightened up its rules about accepting email, implementing
a few widely-used and time-tested rules related to spambots.

This is NOT expected to have any effect on our subscribers. Mostly we are
targeting one particular domain that was sending about 1200 messages per
day to one of our more obscure email aliases, but this also affects servers
who do not identify themselves with a legitimate and well-formed
originating address.

In the unlikely event that you are affected by anything done today, please
know that your email will not be silently dropped. Your originating email
server will see that its connection request was rejected and it will report
that to you in a bounce message. You will be aware that there is a problem.
If that happens you may need to get the attention of one of us moderators
at our @noaa.gov addresses because email to our coral-list-owner address
may be rejected for the same reason.

On a related note this is a good opportunity for me to remind everyone that
in order to post a message to Coral-List you must send it from an email
address that is subscribed to the list. Some people may use multiple email
addresses, or one address with multiple forms (like blah at miami.edu vs.
blah at rsmas.miami.edu, to pick an example from right across the street), and
your email must come from the exact address as subscribed or else it will
be discarded. In this case the messages ARE silently discarded (otherwise,
just reading through the spambox would become a fulltime job in and of
itself) so if you post something to the list and you believe it was never
approved, please do not hesitate to email us at <
coral-list-owner at coral.aoml.noaa.gov>) to ask about it.

Mike J+, coral-list mod team

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