[Coral-List] Announcing coral.wiki

Brian Hackett bhackett1024 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 03:13:00 UTC 2019

http://coral.wiki is a site I started a few months ago to keep track
of research into how corals are expected to be impacted by climate
change, along with any techniques that could mitigate those impacts.

I was pretty alarmed by the projections of coral decline in the IPCC
SR15 last year and wanted to learn more.  I'm an amateur with no
background in coral or climate science, and I had trouble finding
resources explaining the science underlying these projections in a
comprehensive way.  So, I started this site and have been gradually
doing research and filling it in.  I'm also getting ready to do
independent studies and experiments in this area, and will be using
this site as a platform.

While I can keep doing this work in a vacuum, I would love to hear any
feedback, ideas, or criticism.  Also, this site is a wiki (like
wikipedia) and is open to editing by anyone who's interested.  Thanks,


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