[Coral-List] Jonathan Barton, Coral Fragging should be banned

Chad Scott marineconservationkt at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 20:24:13 UTC 2019

Jonathan Barton,

Thank you for your input, I agree with many of your points and think that
in general we are on the same page. However, I did not set out to create a
slander campaign, but I do think we need to address some issues in the
industry, as is pertinent to do in any industry.

I have not tried to hide my affiliations, but if I was not clear about them
I apologize. I co-founded and have run the New Heaven Reef Conservation
Program on Koh Tao since 2007. I later started (2014) and currently am the
President of Conservation Diver, a company which produces learning
materials and courses (with certification) in a variety of marine
conservation related topics. I have created that non-profit company to
attempt to raise the standards of reef restoration programs. We first
released a manual on reef monitoring, and in 1-2 month’s time should be
releasing a manual on A Genetics Guide to Reef Restoration. We do not have
any pictures of asexually propagated coral on our website, all are of
corals of opportunity or those produced through spawning projects. I can
supply you with many examples of my articles that promote genetic
considerations in restoration, which I am not going to post a list of here
in fears of looking like I am self-promoting, however one recent example is
and you can read others on that site for more or private message me if you
need more evidence.

For almost a decade I have ran community groups to promote the individuals
and programs who are doing good work and increase the capacity of local
stakeholders, and my goal is not to put others down but to improve the
industry as a whole. A rising tide raises all ships, and by improving the
quality of restoration work we all benefit.

Thank you
Chad Scott


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