[Coral-List] Call for Grey Literature on Anchor and Boat Grounding damage

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A nice report on the damage done to the reef during construction of a pier for cruise ships here in Curacao can be found at http://www.researchstationcarmabi.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Carmabi-report-on-Megapier-incident-2017-05-04.pdf. 

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Unfortunately, I suspect that there is a rich gray literature on boat groundings. I know there were several in the Keys back in the 70s (one of them ironically, as I remember, being a U Miami research vessel  - should be good monitoring there). Until the fines got heavy enough, many of the southerly transiting tanker and reight fleet got in too close to get out of the Gulf Stream (I suggest you contact the Keys Sanctuary program for those
- Gene Shinn and Harold Hudson probably also have information there). I worked on a grounding on the south side of Mona (between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico) in the 80s and observed a grave yard of other grounded vessels. In that instance, there is an interesting story about the Mona lighthouse involved. As I understand the scenario, the lighthouse was moved landward to reduce the need for repairs due to aerosol damage. As a result, it was difficult to see the light from a boat too close to the reef, resulting in the increase in groundings. There was talk of moving it back seaward (my client was willing to contribute significant funds toward that purpose). In the end, the government of Puerto Rico who had been collecting heavy fines and settlements (presumably, but not actually, for restoration purposes) had already written grounding fines into their annual budget. On Puerto Rico there was a huge *Acropora* restoration project following a large grounding on the south coast (I tihnk Bill Precht may bave been involved in that), I believe that Caroline Rogers was also involved in a grounding assessment in the USVI and I remember NSF having to deal with a boat that was ut u onto the reef around the time of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Presumably, there would be reports for all o  these - and I have to assume that there are similar reports from other areas in the western Atlantic as well.



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> Dear Coral-Listers,
> I am currently working on anchor damage and boat grounding impacts on 
> coral reef benthos, using a systematic literature review and an 
> ecosystem model. As part of the systematic literature review, I’d like 
> to put out a call for suggestions of any Grey Literature (ie. not 
> appearing in a scientific journal) dealing with anchor damage or boat 
> collision impacts on coral reefs, including: theses, reports to 
> government or business or not-for-profit organisations, working papers, white papers, and datasets.
> Anchor or boat collision impacts do not need to be the main topic of 
> the literature item, but just have to feature somewhere in the text. 
> Items that are in English or in any other language are of interest. If 
> you do know of any relevant Grey Literature please get in touch with 
> me at 
> robert.mason1 at uqconnect.edu.au<mailto:robert.mason1 at uqconnect.edu.au>
> Warm regards,
> Robert
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