[Coral-List] predatory journals and coral science in India

Raghunathan, C. kscraghu at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 16:39:34 UTC 2019

Dear Coral-Listers,
       In response to Dr. Douglas Fenner ’s series postings in recent past
on coral reef research in India,  I would like to admit that the miss
identification of some of the species of  Scleractinian corals and
reporting happened perhaps due to the liberal attitude I had towards with
my fellow researchers.  I would like to put on record that we did our level
best to explore marine diversity in India by assigning the young
researchers on different faunal groups for which less expertise is
available in India.  I believed in them and never expected the findings
mislead the science in certain cases.   Those scholars who have done
similar mistakes in the past were punished (removed from the posts) and
those involved now are asked to apologize in the public.  I thank Dr.
Douglas Fenner for bringing this to our knowledge and on behalf of all
authors, I sincerely apologize to the scientific community for the
inadvertent mistake committed a few years back.
[Posted by C. Raghunathan]

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