[Coral-List] Seeking input for coral restoration XPRIZE

Anupa Asokan Anupa.Asokan at xprize.org
Mon Feb 4 18:05:54 UTC 2019

The XPRIZE Foundation uses large-scale global incentive competitions to crowdsource solutions to the world's grand challenges. We are looking to address the global crisis facing our coral reefs with a prize to scale coral restoration efforts around the world and would appreciate input from the Coral List community.

Based on feedback from Reef Futures 2018, we have updated the prize guidelines and are seeking further input. Please join our online community to review and comment; you can also let us know if you’re interested in participating in the prize as a competitor, judge, advisor or sponsor. https://community.xprize.org/saving-coral-reefs/

Senior Associate, Ocean Initiative
anupa.asokan at xprize.org

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