[Coral-List] Key West, Florida, USA bans sunscreens with two chemicals

Douglas Fenner douglasfennertassi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 07:28:49 UTC 2019

Multiple news stories:

New York Times:


Washington Post:


(includes a beautiful picture of bleached coral taken by Ray Berkelmans.
On the Great Barrier Reef.   Species that aren't in Key West.  Cannot be
coral bleached by sunscreen chemicals, because there are no pictures of
corals in the ocean bleached by sunscreen, no natural coral colonies in the
ocean have been documented to have been bleached by sunscreen chemicals
(let alone killed).  Set of pictures also includes one of crown-of-thorns
eating coral.  There are no such sea stars anywhere in the Atlantic unless
someone has introduced them there recently that I don't know about.)

The Guardian:


Includes: "Terry Hughes said
“People make a long list of bad things that human beings do to coral reefs
– I would place sunscreen at number 200.”"

(includes a photo of "dead coral reef in the Florida Keys")

A simple web search will garner many more hits.

Cheers,  Doug

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