[Coral-List] On messages to the list and indirectly on sunscreen

Wendy Cover wendycover at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 23:44:27 UTC 2019

Hi Peter,
I've felt your pain.  When I got the digest, there were times when I
couldn't find the message I wanted to read through all of the prior copied

The solution that worked for me was to:
1.  Switch Coral-List off of digest mode
2.  Use Gmail.  It will automatically put all the Coral-List emails into a
separate tab called Forums, which keeps them to the side of your primary
inbox but easy to check whenever you want.  It automatically crops out the
text from previous messages (but you can click to show it if you want), and
it groups messages by subject line, which is convenient for following all
of the replies to a particular thread.  Of course, if the subject is
changed, the email will be grouped separately, so in this case it's
actually nicer (in my opinion) when people keep the same subject, since
then all the replies will be kept together.  You can have Gmail
automatically pull in emails from your university account, so no need to
change your email address.

This has made my Coral-List reading experience much happier and less
frustrating, and I'd recommend it as a nice alternative to digest mode.
Something to consider.

All the best,

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