[Coral-List] Paper on coral reef resilience index

Imam Bachtiar bachtiar.coral at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 14:34:59 UTC 2019

Hi coral listers,
We just published our new practical resilience index for coral reef
assessment that may be of your interest. Please visit the link below or
send me an email.

Assessing coral reef resilience is an increasingly important component of
coral reef management. Existing coral reef resilience assessments are not
practical, especially for developing countries. South-east Asian countries
have been using line-intercept-transect (LIT) in coral reef monitoring for
a long time. The present study proposes an index for assessing coral reef
resilience based on data collected from the LIT method. The resilience
index formula was modified from an existing resilience index for soil
communities developed by Orwin and Wardle. We used an ideal resilient coral
reef community as a reference point for the index. The ideal coral reef was
defined from data collected from 1992 to 2009. Six variables were
statistically selected for the resilience indicators: coral functional
group (CFG), coral habitat quality (CHQ), sand-silt cover (SSC), coral
cover (COC), coral small-size number (CSN), and algae-other-fauna (AOF)
cover. Maximum values of five variables were determined as the best state,
while the maximum value of CSN was determined from 1240 data-sets of
Indonesian reefs. The resilience index performed well in relation to
changes in COC, AOF, and SSC variables. Managers can use this tool to
compare coral reef resilience levels among locations and times. This index
would be applicable for global coral reef resilience assessment.

Best regards,

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