[Coral-List] Your help for a scientific survey on the human perception of coral fish biodiversity

MOUQUET Nicolas Nicolas.MOUQUET at cnrs.fr
Fri Feb 22 07:29:38 UTC 2019

Dear Coral-list fellows,

We need your help to spread an online survey to study the human perception of coral fish biodiversity. We cannot tell you what question exactly we are addressing, as we need you to be « naive » when you answer the survey. Here is the link :


What will help us even more is that you spread this survey in your network (friends, colleagues, family). The less connected to the academy will be your mailing the better it will be (children are also more than welcome !). Here is a text you can use to post the survey (email, facebook). You can also re-tweet the post I made on twitter (Nicolas.Mouquet).

We need your help for a scientific survey about the relationship between visual perception and biodiversity of coral reef fishes. This work is coordinated by Aliénor Stahl from MARBEC laboratory in Montpellier (France), in collaboration with Nicolas Mouquet, director of research at CNRS and François Guilhaumon, research scientist at IRD. You can fill up the survey online, this will only take you a few minutes : https://www.biodiful.org/#/fisheyes_eng
Please help us by spreading out this work within your networks.Thank you for your help !

Thank you so much for your help with this !!


Nicolas Mouquet

Nicolas Mouquet

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Directeur de recherche au CNRS

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