[Coral-List] corals and sunscreen

Tim Wijgerde wijgerde at coralpublications.com
Thu Feb 28 11:20:55 UTC 2019

Dear all,


We have followed the discussion on oxybenzone with great interest. We
recently tested the effect of oxybenzone on the temperature sensitivity of
Acropora tenuis and Stylophora pistillata. We cultured microcolonies in
flow-through aquaria, either with or without oxybenzone exposure at a
field-relevant concentration of ~0.1 μg L-1 at 26 °C for several weeks.
Subsequently, half the corals experienced a heat wave (0.5 °C increase
day-1) culminating at 33 °C (N=5 independent replicate tanks for each
treatment combination). PSII yield, growth rate, zooxanthellae densities and
survival were recorded. In addition, we analysed the microbiome of S.
pistillata under all treatments. Our results certainly add to the recent
discussion, thus we hope to publish our data soon.


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Tim Wijgerde, Diana Slijkerman and Ronald Osinga



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