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Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 28 17:11:42 UTC 2019

Dear Listers,  

I have often been critical of the U.S. scuba diving industry’s failure to recognize and promote action on the primary stressors threatening the world’s coral reefs. Considering the obvious interdependency that exists between the dive-tourism industry and coral reef ecosystems, there is a need for more outspoken acceptance and furtherance of the prevailing views held in this regard by the coral science community.  Although industry leaders still have a long way to go, there has been some encouraging signs of advancement of late and in the spirit of fairness, I would like to draw your attention to one such gesture of note.  

In the latest edition of Alert Diver magazine (Winter 2019) https://s3.amazonaws.com/dan-2010fw/AlertDiver_Winter2019/Winter_2019_AlertDiver3/HTML/index.html (pp.10-11),  the publisher’s editorial commentary breaks new ground and in doing so, provides a glimmer of hope that an unpretended change in approach may be advanced by the industry going forward. If his words lead to action, this could signal a long awaited turning point in the battle to save coral reefs. It may not sound profound or compelling to many of you, but for those who have long been working for change within the industry,  just reading these words in an influential scuba diving publication is heartening and propitious.     “Things are changing on this planet, both above and below the oceans’ surface. Global warming is a real activity with real consequence. . . To ensure that our reefs . . .  remain vibrant and colorful, hard decisions need to made about what we drive, what we eat and how we live”.        And,  I might add at long last, the way in which the dive-tourism industry approaches these issues could make an significant difference.


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