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Radhouane Ben Hamadou benhamadou at qu.edu.qa
Wed Jan 9 21:06:52 UTC 2019

Best wishes to all coral-listers for a successful 2019.

Despite the shutdown, I would appreciate sharing, once back online, this PostDoc position (coral restoration) available in my team at Qatar University (Persian/Arabian Gulf ... the hottest sea in the world, with corals). 

Details of the position, expected profile and offer are here below or accessible through the link (https://www.dropbox.com/s/2n1v5boo67cv9zg/RESTORE%20postdoctoral%20job%20offer.pdf?dl=0)  and appreciate if you can distribute through the Coral List.

Thanks in advance,

Radhouan Ben-Hamadou, (Eng., Ph. D.)
Associate Professor - Marine Sciences
Head - Dept. Biological and Environmental Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
Qatar University

## Postdoctoral Job Offer ##
Job Title: Postdoctoral
Location: Qatar University, Doha, QATAR
Department Name: Biological and Environmental Sciences
College/Department Profile:  College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University, Qatar	

Background and Role:
Qatar University is seeking a highly motivated candidate with a background in one or more of the following specializations: Coral biology and reproduction; Coral reef restoration and conservation; marine molecular ecology; artificial reefs and/or benthic ecology. The position is for a Postdoctoral Researcher, funded by two 4-year project (QNRF-NPRP), dealing with coral reef diversity and restoration using sexual and asexual propagation techniques, coupled or not to the use of Artificial reefs. The candidate is also expected to collaborate with the other members of the research team in developing research in the framework of related projects and supporting graduate and undergraduate students. The position will involve maintaining several national and international collaborations (e.g. New York University (Abu Dhabi), Dalhousie University, Nova Southeastern University (Florida) and other industrial and governmental stakeholders).

Qatar University Profile:
Qatar University (QS ranking#332) is the premier national institution of higher education with a mission to produce well-rounded graduates with academic knowledge of quality and excellence coupled with a keen spirit of volunteerism and civic responsibility. This is underpinned by committed leadership and an experienced and motivated faculty, research and staff body. The university community has diverse and multicultural committed professional to advance teaching and research, which addresses relevant local, regional and global challenges, advances knowledge, and contributes actively to the needs and aspirations of society. Qatar University is a leading research institution in the Middle East, with 10 interdisciplinary research centers, over 133 research collaborations with leading institutions across the world.
Qatar University is an intellectual and scholarly community characterized by open discussion, the free exchange of ideas, respectful debate, and a commitment to rigorous inquiry. 

Duties & Responsibilities		
Relevant scientific topics and questions addressed by the research projects include, but are not limited to, the following:
*	Upscaling coral reef restoration in a multi-stressor context: which technologies and design methodology for maximized efficiency? 
*	Assessment of the importance of larval dispersion patterns and distance to source populations in the natural growth, maintenance and rehabilitation of Qatar's coral reefs. Integration in large-scale restoration schemes and definition of an optimized combination of restoration technologies.
*	Assessment of the weight of environmental, anthropogenic and technological factors in the success of restoration actions on Qatar's coral reefs. Can threshold limits be defined ?
*	Assessment of which factors mostly influence the success of recruitment and/or outplanting operations (substrate materials and characteristics, orientation, sedimentation rate, elevation from the seafloor, habitat complexity, distance from source populations, competition for substrate colonization and influence of herbivorous species?).
The scientific work will notably include participation in the following tasks, scheduled in the research carried out by Qatar University and collaborators :

1.	Planning and participation in field survey of coral habitats
2.	Selection of local coral species and reef sites of interest for restoration actions
3.	Testing of sexual (larval rearing) and asexual (coral gardening) propagation techniques for the targeted local coral species
4.	Assessing methods for the outplanting of nursery-reared coral seedlings in natural restoration sites and Artificial Reef Units
5.	Development of ecological enhancement techniques to facilitate natural coral recruitment and growth in degraded reefs and/or in Artificial Reef units (e.g., direct seeding of larvae, transplantation of recruits)
6.	In-situ monitoring of active and passive restoration technologies including artificial reefs

And collaborate in the following tasks:
1.	DNA extraction from corals, seagrasses and associated fauna for genotyping and population genetics.
2.	Collection and processing of samples for environmental DNA (eDNA)
3.	Identification of reef associated macrofauna 
4.	Collaborating with external and international partners for the execution of collaborative research tasks 
5.	Contribute to project management activities, such as progress reports.
6.	Participate in the publication of research results in peer-reviewed journals

Qualification & Experience Requirements:
1.	PhD in Marine ecology, marine biology, molecular ecology or related field from a recognized and accredited University.
2.	Scientific diving (highly valuated)
3.	A strong record of relevant research experience backed by relevant research publications
4.	Fluent in English
5.	Ability to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment.

Previous research experience in one or more of the following:
6.	Coral reef restoration techniques
7.	Coral species rearing (nursery) and reproduction
8.	Artificial (coral) reefs deployment and monitoring
9.	Coral reef monitoring
10.	Zooxanthellae extraction, characterization and cultivation
11.	Coral taxonomy
Additional experience in one or more of the following will be a plus:
12.	Extraction, purification and amplification of DNA from marine organisms
13.	Preparation of DNA samples for sequencing and genotyping
14.	Phylogenetic and genetic diversity analyses
15.	Histological techniques
16.	Habitat mapping
17.	Hydrodynamic modelling

Salary and Benefits
1.	A one-year renewable contract (up to 3 years or until the end of the project).
2.	Highly competitive and Tax-free salary.
3.	Housing, transport and children education allowances in accordance with QU HR policies.
4.	Annual round trip air tickets, in accordance with QU HR policies (for candidate, spouse and children).
5.	Private health care and health insurance in accordance with QU HR policies (for candidate, spouse and children).
6.	Annual leave of 35 days.

Documents required to Apply		
(i)	Detailed Curriculum Vitae that include list of publications with research experience 
(ii)	Short cover letter addressing the requirements
(iii)	Contacts of minimum two references (previous supervisor or employer)

The deadline for submission is 20th of January 2019 or thereafter until filled. 
Start of the contract is February 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter.
Contact persons: Dr. Radhouane Ben-Hamadou (benhamadou at qu.edu.qa) and Dr. Pedro Range (prange at qu.edu.qa)

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