[Coral-List] Invitation - ICRS 2020 - Theme 13 - Effectiveness Caribbean and Eastern Tropical Pacific Coral Reef Restoration Efforts

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Tue Jul 9 03:21:49 UTC 2019

Dear coral-listers:

Greetings! This shortnotice is targeted to coral reef scientists and reef restoration practitionersfrom Latin American countries, Hispanics, and other scientists, students ormanagers from all over the world that are conducting coral propagation and/orcoral reef restoration research across the Wider Caribbean region and theEastern Tropical Pacific.

The 14thInternational Coral Reef Symposium at Bremen, Germany, will be carried out duringJuly 5-10, 2020 (http://www.icrs2020.de/program/call-for-abstracts/). Call for abstracts was opened on July 1 and willextend up to September 1, 2019. We would like to invite you to considersubmitting an abstract to Theme #13 – Special Session “Effectiveness ofregional coral reef restoration approaches – what can we learn from theCaribbean and Eastern Tropical Pacific?”


This session will be organized by Edwin A.Hernández-Delgado1, Samuel E.Suleimán-Ramos1, ElisaBayraktarov2, PhanorMontoya-Maya3
1 Sociedad Ambiente Marino (San Juan, Puerto Rico),2 The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia), 3Corales de Paz (Santiago de Cali, Colombia)

Coralreefs worldwide are degrading rapidly due to climate change, overfishing,pollution and coastal development. In areas where natural recovery isnegligible or where conservation is not enough, restoration – or the process ofassisting the recovery of a disturbed ecosystem, may become critical. The ReefFutures 2018 conference brought together a large international community ofreef restoration experts, businesses, and civil organizations and galvanizedthem to joint efforts to save coral reefs through restoration. 

During theconference we found that, in contrast to other coral reef areas in the world,learnings from long-term and ongoing coral reef restoration projects done byscientists and practitioners especially in the Spanish-speaking parts of theCaribbean and Eastern Tropical Pacific were poorly shared with theinternational scientific community. 

Thissession aims to showcase major coral reef restoration projects from theCaribbean and Eastern Tropical Pacific and invite for collaboration andknowledge transfer between coral reef restoration projects elsewhere in theworld. We will specifically focus on the motivations for these restorationefforts, their total project cost, spatial extent, and recent advances.Restoration interventions using different techniques will be presented andtheir successes (or failures) evaluated. 
This isthe first ICRS symposium focused at overcoming the language barriers betweenSpanish and English for coral reef restoration. It aims to connectinternational researchers, practitioners and resource managers on the missionof restoring global coral reefs.
Please, ifthere is any question, do not hesitate to contact any of us.


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