[Coral-List] Abstract submission ICRS: How can scientists and managers identify optimum catchment management actions to improve downstream condition for reefs and people?

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Fri Jul 12 04:23:37 UTC 2019

Dear list-serve members,

We invite you to submit abstracts to an ICRS 2020 Theme 12 (Conservation
and management) session discussing:

*How can scientists and managers identify optimum catchment management
actions to improve downstream condition for reefs and people?*


Managing downstream impacts from land-based activities is regarded as an
important component of maintaining or restoring coral reef system
resilience due to the direct and indirect negative impacts of sediments,
nutrients and chemicals on reef organisms. However, it is often difficult
to identify where to optimally target land-based management given the
complex biophysical and chemical processes that affect the magnitude and
geographic fate of land-based pollutants. This session will explore
emerging new tools that build the evidence base that catchment management
can be effective for improving water quality and reef condition. We will
also highlight new innovations in integrated land-sea modelling that enable
geographic prioritization of where to target and scale management actions.
Presented case studies will showcase empirical and modelled outcomes of
catchment management in coral reef social-ecological systems for both reefs
(e.g., impacts to benthic cover and reef fish communities) and people
(e.g., impacts to livelihoods, health and well-being). We will discuss the
imperative for transdisciplinary collaboration to better understand
pathways of impact and link scientific evidence to management practice.

We hope to bring together scientists and practitioners across the broad
range of disciplines and sectors that need to coordinate together to
effectively manage from ridge to reef. We encourage multi- and
transdisciplinary approaches spanning ecology, geology, hydrology,
sedimentology, oceanography, epidemiology, fisheries, and social sciences,
including economics.

Please visit the conference website for more information:


*Abstract submission closes 31 August 2019 *

For further information and all updates, please visit:


We look forward to seeing you in Bremen!


Stacy Jupiter, Kim Falinksi, Amelia Wenger and Jade Delevaux

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