[Coral-List] cooperation and the tragedy of the commons

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Dear Etsan and Doug:  

I disagree with your analysis and it's premises. If the tragedy of the commons was not actually happening (for millenia now, not a modern phenomenon), the Earth would not be in the state of degradation and overuse as is all around us, anthropogenically driven climate change would not be happening, and so many, many, many animals and plants would not have gone extinct or be endangered due to human activities.

Regulations and private property have been invented by human societies to try to curb the human instinct to "take it while it's still there for me to grab FIRST", but for many reasons, including the pressures of overpopulation, necessity and innate human greed, they aren't working. The evidence that they aren't working is shown by all the threads of environmental degradation just in this list serve alone.  The several small examples of where some environmental protection has worked are overwhelmed by the many more where they haven't worked because of "the tragedy of the commons".


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Dear Douglas and other colleagues. Long ago, the myth of the tragedy of the commons has been debunked by economists and other scholars (see here for
instance: https://economicquestions.org/tragedy/). I believe it is time we biologist also accept the fallacy of such theory.
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> The cure to the tragedy of the commons?  Cooperation (In reef 
> fisheries)
> https://www.hakaimagazine.com/news/the-cure-to-the-tragedy-of-the-comm
> ons-cooperation/
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