[Coral-List] cooperation and the tragedy of the commons

Michael Harvey mharvey1 at shaw.ca
Thu Jul 18 14:53:48 UTC 2019

   You didn't read the article.  The author said when a commons is
   properly managed there is no tragedy. But in all the cases where
   management is lacking or came too late, a common resource deteriorates.
   Consider west coast old growth forests, or salmon. Get them or someone
   else will. Pacific herring are so abundant, no need for management.
   East coast cod the same. Get the last sea otter or someone else will. I
   like my fireplace, and you all can put up with the added CO2. Lots of
   examples of Hardin's logic.

   On 7/17/2019 10:06 AM, Ehsan KAYAL via Coral-List wrote:

Dear Douglas and other colleagues. Long ago, the myth of the tragedy of the
commons has been debunked by economists and other scholars (see here for
instance: [1]https://economicquestions.org/tragedy/). I believe it is time we
biologist also accept the fallacy of such theory.
Ehsan Kayal, PhD
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