[Coral-List] Call for Abstracts - ICRS 2020 Session on Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management

Tauna Rankin - NOAA Federal tauna.rankin at noaa.gov
Tue Jul 23 11:39:54 UTC 2019

We would like to invite abstracts for the following session in Theme 12:
Conservation and management of ICRS 2020 in Bremen:

Session Title: From Thinking to Doing: What Does It Actually Take to
Practice Ecosystem Based Management in Coral Reef Fisheries?

Description: Coral reef fisheries present a multitude of challenges to
conventional fisheries management that focuses on a sectoral perspective
and target stocks. These challenges include the high diversity of species,
variety of fishing gears and methods, a wide range of coastal resource
uses, and degraded states of coastal habitats and species. These factors,
combined with limited management resources, lead to notoriously sparse
information on the biology and status of stocks and lack of adequate
understanding of socio-cultural and economic dependence on these stocks and
the supporting coral reef ecosystems. Thus, effective management and
conservation requires a more holistic and inclusive approach that addresses
the complex and dynamic features of the ecosystems that provide goods and
services beyond those of benefit to coral reef fisheries. The concept of
ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) has been around for several
decades and key strengths include its capacity for multivariable
consideration of physical, biological, economic and social interactions in
fisheries management areas, through a place-based approach that engages
stakeholders. This is an underutilized opportunity that would facilitate an
examination of trade-offs as a means to optimize benefits among a diverse
set of societal goals and bolster ecosystem resilience. An effective EBFM
framework can help managers better plan for changes to coral reef condition
and functions, as well as human and ecological communities. Despite the
sound principles and benefits of EBFM, its implementation has been limited.
This session will share successful approaches and insightful lessons from
different countries/regions on how EBFM has been applied, thereby providing
guidance as to what it takes to make the successful shift from conventional
fisheries management to ecosystem-based management for coral reef-dependent
fisheries, even in data-poor areas.

Abstract Deadline is September 1st.
For more information on abstract submissions:

Feel free to contact the session organizers for more information:
Tauna Rankin, tauna.rankin at noaa.gov
Supin Wongbusarakum, supin.wongbusarakum at noaa.gov
Juan J. Cruz-Motta, juan.cruz13 at upr.edu
Nygiel B. Armada, narmada at fishright.crcuri.org
Bill Arnold, bill.arnold at noaa.gov

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