[Coral-List] Call for Abstracts for our session at International Conference for YOUNG Marine Researchers - ICYMARE Bremen

Mohammed Hisham Shaikh mohammedhishamshaikh1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 10:24:35 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,
ICYMARE is the “International Conference for Young MArine REsearchers”
which is organized voluntarily *by and for young marine researchers*. The
conference is an event of the “Bremen Society for Natural Sciences”.

I will be co-hosting a session on marine symbioses with Ms. Olivia Hewitt
at ICYMARE 2019 held between 24th and 28th Sept in Bremen. The goal of this
session is to provide a platform for young researchers to share their
ideas, thoughts and research on symbioses in the marine world and to learn
and apply these ideas on other systems.

I am attaching the call for abstract here-

Session 8:
*A World of Symbioses! The Wonderful Complexities of Marine Symbioses and
Applications for Conservation! *

Being one of the most common and ancient phenomena, symbioses between
different organisms are truly fascinating but not very well understood.
Intricate symbioses are ubiquitous. From light harvesting dinoflagellates
of cnidarians to anemones housed on pom-pom crabs, and the chemosynthetic
bacteria of deep-sea mussels, our oceans are a “World of Symbioses”.
Adaptive, symbiotic relationships facilitate the success of diverse
organisms, across trophic levels, to successfully exploit niches otherwise
overcrowded or extreme. Ranging from molecular biology to policy, this
session aims to learn from the diversity of marine symbioses, explore its
threats, and examines the ramifications for conservation.

You can find the call for abstracts here:
All questions regarding the session must be forwarded to:
mohammedhishamshaikh at gmail.com
All questions regarding the conference can be forwarded to:
hello at icymare.com

Thank you. Hoping to see you at ICYMARE 2019.

Kind regards,
Hisham Shaikh

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