[Coral-List] Sargassum Season and Dust

Nancy DeRosa derosamex at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 30 03:29:44 UTC 2019

Hi to everyone.  I'm Nancy DeRosa from SAVE Mexico. I am not one of your contributors, but read your news and stay aware.  I live on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula where the Sargasso is arriving by the tons.  When it hits our coastline, it is full of heavy metals and arsenic.  It is too toxic for food or fertilizer.  It appears that the only use of this plant in its new state is by burning it to make bio-gas.

Since it starts out a clean seaweed from the Sargasso Sea, it appears, since it is now poisonous...that it must be cleaning the ocean waters as it circles around before it makes a dead stop on our beaches.   This planet is so interesting.


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