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federica costantini federica.costantini at unibo.it
Sat Jun 8 06:08:58 UTC 2019

Dear all,

In the context of a European Project on Marine Metabarcoding Benthic 
Biodiversity, we are seeking to recruit an enthusiastic and highly 
motivated Postdoctoral researcher to work at the laboratory of 
Ecological and Environmental Genetics in Ravenna Campus (Department of 
Biological, ecological and Environmental Science (BiGeA), University of 
Bologna, Italy) on *Metaphylogeography of Mediterranean marine benthic 
invertebrates*. The candidate will work within a multidisciplinary and 
stimulating team including several Post Doc, PhD students and Master 
students involved in several part of the project such as metabarcoding, 
population genomic, marine conservation and citizen science.

The main topic of the project is to use a metabarcoding (DNA based 
identification and high-throughput DNA sequencing) approach to develop 
marine monitoring networks for hard bottoms benthic 
habitats.Metabarcoding, in fact, is known nowadays as an efficient 
method to assess biodiversity at community level. Moreover, it produces 
a lot of data (based on MOTUs) that can be used to assess population 
genetic structure and phyleogeography patterns of several MOTUs at the 
same time.

Within the project, the successful applicant will be specifically 
involved in *metaphylogeography and population genomic* *of several 
benthic invertebrates* to identify connectivity and evolutionary 
patterns at Mediterranean scale. The candidate will use data retrieved 
by metabarcoding survey trough standardized sampling (e.g ARMs) to 
identify intraspecific genetic pattern. Moreover, he/she will use a 
population genomic approach based on RAD sequencing to detect 
structuring in several target species.

The candidates must have a PhD degree in an area that includes the use 
of modern molecular biological methods to answering environmental or 
ecological questions, and with enough publications and experience in the 
corresponding themes. Moreover, a bioinformatic background will be very 

The candidates should have experience in:

1.Experimental planning and fieldwork, organisation of sample collection

2.DNA extraction and library preparation for 2bRAD genotyping by 
sequencing and identification of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs);

3.Language programming such as R and Perl;

4.High throughput sequencing data analysis;

5.Biostatistics and big data management;

6.Working knowledge of English, good communication, teamwork and 
organisational skills as well as to be able to work independently.

Desirable skills:

-Experience in morphological taxonomy of benthic species (invertebrates, 

-Experience on scientific diving

The position is a full time contract available immediately (*September 
2019*) for one year in the first instance, with the possibility after 
review to extend the contract for further one year.

For more information, and for consideration, please email a complete CV, 
your motivations and two reference letters) to 
federica.costantini at unibo.it <mailto:federica.costantini at unibo.it>

Federica Costantini,

Laboratory of Experimental Ecology

University of Bologna

Via S. Alberto 163 I-48100 - Ravenna


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