[Coral-List] looking for coral resilience videos

Bruno, John jbruno at unc.edu
Mon Jun 10 16:48:48 UTC 2019

Dear Steve,

I don’t have videos, but we did just publish a meta-analysis of field tests of the “managed-resilience paradigm” that would presumably be useful to your work. It is available here: marxiv.org/ugk4v<https://t.co/LKtmjmRl9r?amp=1>
(link: https://marxiv.org/ugk4v)
(link: https://marxiv.org/ugk4v) <https://t.co/LKtmjmRl9r?amp=1> marxiv.org/ugk4v<https://t.co/LKtmjmRl9r?amp=1>Take homes are: 1) local protection does not affect coral community resilience to climate change, 2) to save reefs we need to reduce carbon emissions.

Both probably seem obvious to many, and yet numerous NGOs and national reef protection plans (e.g. NOAA’s new plan) are based on managed resilience.

Cheers, JB

John Francis Bruno
Professor, Dept of Biology
UNC Chapel Hill

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