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Eric Hochberg Eric.Hochberg at bios.edu
Mon Jun 10 16:59:09 UTC 2019

Dear All,

I'm not sure if people are generally aware that NASA's COral Reef Airborne Laboratory (CORAL) data are freely available for download. To refresh your memories, CORAL was conceived to provide a new perspective: conduct uniform observations of reef condition for a large, representative area of the world’s reefs. In 2016 and 2017, CORAL acquired airborne hyperspectral imagery across the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii, Mariana Islands, Palau, and Florida. To get the airborne imagery, go to https://coral.jpl.nasa.gov/alt_locator/. At the moment, you can directly download at-sensor calibrated radiance and atmospherically corrected water surface reflectance.

We also conducted in-water validation at Lizard Island, Heron Reef, Kaneohe Bay (and other Hawaii sites), Guam, and Palau. The in-water data include benthic cover (via photomosaics), water optical properties (absorption, scattering), remote-sensing reflectance (for the remote sensing people), and benthic community metabolism and calcification. There are hundreds of data points. To access these, go to https://seabass.gsfc.nasa.gov/experiment/CORAL and look at the "Cruises" section at the bottom of the page.

Of course, please feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have.


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