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Thank you Mike, for the clarification that there is no position on
anonymity. Less rules are better in the context of free speech, which I
don't refer to narrowly as only first amendment rights in recognition that
there are many non-US members on this list. Though I echo that while
anonymity might allow for expression of views on coral list that are
currently being suppressed in other forums, the workplace, and society at
large, it also undermines the one feature of coral list that is
less-commonly found on other science-based lists - namely that views
are to be referenced if at all possible, and especially if data is being
used as evidence.

Might I then suggest a compromise, that coral list allow anonymity but only
if the views expressed are referenced in the same manner as signed posts? In
this way, the post by Gene would only have been allowed if Gene had gone
back to the anonymous writer and asked for supportive references before
submitting the post to coral list. This way, the onus falls back on
subscribers to ensure that their anonymous forwards are not frivolous.

Can coral list agree on this?

To the claimed point on that CO2 rise lags temp rise, I'd love to see that
firmly and finally debunked or explained (beyond what already exists on
websites such as climate skeptic, etc.) so that it doesn't keep cropping
up - anonymously or not. The other claimed point about no upward trend in 10
year SST data for PNG has no place in climate discussions, since the
timeline of this 'noise' is too short. Presumably coral list subscribers
could easily counter and reference such a claim with longer SST timelines
elsewhere. But why bother, when the original claim was posted without
references? This is my point, that we should strive to maintain a higher
standard that what we see in the world 'outside the list.'


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Since you ask for a moderator's explanation, I'm happy to add my $0.02

The main reason the post was allowed was because Coral-List has no rule
against such things. What rules we have are listed on our information page,


Reading over that page again, I would have to say that the Coral-List
position on anonymity is that we do not have a position on anonymity.

Well, sort of. I mean, we do ask people to subscribe to the list before
posting, to avoid write-only announcements by people who will never see the
replies their message generates. In this case it is Gene who 'authored' the
post in question, and he is presumably reading followups with great
interest. From context one might make a guess that the anonymous writer is
also reading the list. So the write-only thing didn't seem to be a factor

If people feel strongly that this sort of thing shouldn't be allowed, I
would encourage them to email the moderators' account at <
coral-list-owner at coral.aoml.noaa.gov>. We're always happy to get feedback
from the subscribers. If there's enough pushback we could conceivably add a
new rule to cover this situation. I think in general, for an online
community like ours, fewer rules is better. But we undoubtably need some
rules, and we occasionally add new ones.

I hope that answers the question!

Mike J+, coral-list mod team

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> I'm not a regular poster but I've been on coral list since the late 90s.
> Never have I seen an anonymous posting on the list. In my view - no matter
> the importance of the content, anonymous postings have no place on any
> serious list and I would hope that our moderators do not allow such things
> to continue going forward. Based on the vigorous debate seen on a number
> of
> topics on coral list that are always clear as to the sender, I don't see
> why
> 'bullied into silence' should somehow be seen as a excuse for anonymity.
> If the moderator can explain coral list's position on anonymity it would
> be
> appreciated. Some anonymity nested within a larger post might be o.k., but
> in this case it was anonymous in its entirety. I recognize its not always
> an
> easy distinction.
> Though please carry on the discussion.
> Karl
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> PO Box 3085
> Majuro 96960
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