[Coral-List] A resilience twitter campaign for corals

spalumbi spalumbi at stanford.edu
Mon Jun 17 03:53:13 UTC 2019

Hi friends, the response to my plea last week for videos about grassroots efforts in coral resilience was very heartening, I have a series of them that I’ll tweet out under the hashtag #strongcorals and @spalumbi. Feel free to retweet them, pass them along to friends, and use them other ways. Three tweets are already posted with some good response.

The idea is to spread the notion that there is an active community trying to see what might be done in the field to promote the future of corals under climate change. Also, join in the conversation about this kind of conservation engineering, and add other efforts for the future of corals.



Stephen Palumbi
Jane and Marshall Steel, Jr. Professor of Marine Biology
Stanford University
Hopkins Marine Station
microdocumentaries at http://microdocs.org <http://microdocs.org/>

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