[Coral-List] Mineral Accretion/ Biorock

Daisy Durden d.j.durden at students.uu.nl
Mon Jun 17 14:31:45 UTC 2019

Dear coral listers,

I am curious as to whether anyone here has worked with the mineral
accretion method for coral restoration?

I am working for a Dutch company who are developing offshore floating solar
platforms and we are interested in the potential synergy with mineral
accretion. We are striving to promote the huge potential of generating
clean energy through this offshore solar, often to regions where there is
considerable need, but also channeling some of this energy as a means of
coral restoration- a win-win in my eyes! However, I would like to gather
some more information about the method. From the literature reviewed there
seems to be some real potential, but then I am left wondering why this has
not become a widespread restoration technique, since it has been around
since the 70s.

I am in contact with some passionate individuals regarding Biorock, but
they seem few and far between. Any insights into why are appreciated. And
if any scientists here are interested in the synergy proposed please do get
in touch!



Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,

Daisy Durden

*Oceans of Energy*
Environmental Research Team

daisy.durden at oceansofenergy.blue

+447766343377 / +31611489516


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