[Coral-List] Mineral Accretion/ Biorock (Dennis Hubbard)

dmbaker dmbaker at hku.hk
Fri Jun 21 16:19:14 UTC 2019

To follow on Dennis’ comment: the papers I have seen on bio rock have lacked proper controls.

There was no comparison of corals on bio rock vs. corals on natural substrates.

There was no use of an unnelectrified bio rock framework to refute the hypothesis that elevation in the water column was a factor in coral growth and health.

There are many impressive photos of corals on bio rock nurseries but fewer rigorous studies of their performance. Some works have reported that skeletal density is reduced.

Moreover, the electrolysis process can form a number of strong acids which could have small-scale effects (though likely rapidly diluted in seawater).

Interesting comment on the rapid dissolution once electricity ceases.


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