[Coral-List] Submission to Coral List - Oslob Whale Sharks Rejoinder

Judi Lowe judilowe at gmail.com
Sat May 4 00:45:01 UTC 2019

Oslob Whale Sharks - New Journal Article - Rejoinder

Our new journal article shines light on the poor quality science and one
sided advocacy used to criticise community based dive tourism at Oslob Whale
Sharks. Our rejoinder notes that previous authors ignore the significant
conservation outcomes of Oslob. Community based dive tourism finances the
protection of five marine reserves and law enforcement by local Bantay
Dagat (Sea Wardens), decreasing destructive fishing. Oslob also provides
alternate livelihoods for 177 fishermen. If Oslob stops, they will have no
alternative but to return to the heavily diminished fishery. There is no
place in science for predetermining the outcomes of studies and
inappropriately drawing conclusions to support opinion.--


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