[Coral-List] Citizen sciences: Survey on visual perception of fishes

Aliénor Stahl alienor.stahl at supagro.fr
Mon May 6 14:33:54 UTC 2019

Hi everyone !

I'm a Master 2 student in Ecology at the University of Montpellier 
France. I'm currently doing my master thesis within the lab MARBEC, 
under the leadership of Nicolas Mouquet, who's a director of research 
with the CNRS.
We're doing a survey on the relationship between visual perception and 
biodiversity among fishes. If you have about five minutes to answer, it 
would be great ! *We're also in desperate need of answers from children* 
so don't hesitate to share with your family and friends. No expertise of 
fishes is required.


If you want to help us out, you can also share this survey within your 
networks along with the two following texts in english and french:

We need your help for a survey on the relationship between visual 
perception and fishes biodiversity among. The online survey will only 
take you a few minutes :
This work is coordinated by Aliénor Stahl from MARBEC laboratory, in 
collaboration with Nicolas Mouquet, director of research with the CNRS 
and François Guilhaumon, research scientist at IRD. Please help us out 
by sharing this link to your networks. Thank you.

Nous avons besoin de vous pour une étude sur le lien entre perception 
visuelle et biodiversité chez les poissons. Il s’agit de remplir un 
questionnaire en ligne qui ne vous prendra que quelques minutes. Voici 
le lien :https://www.biodiful.org/#/fisheyes_fr 
Ce travail est réalisé par Aliénor Stahl au sein du laboratoire MARBEC, 
sous la direction de Nicolas Mouquet, chercheur au CNRS et François 
Guilhaumon, chercheur IRD. Merci de partager ce lien dans vos réseaux 
cela nous aiderait énormément. Cordialement.

Thank you in advance !

Aliénor STAHL
Étudiante Ingénieur agronome 4ème année
Master 2ème année B2E Ecosystèmes à l'Université de Montpellier
+33 620 117 200
alienor.stahl at supagro.fr
alienor.stahl at gmail.com

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