[Coral-List] Membership Drive, 24th Anniversary

James Hendee - NOAA Federal jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Wed May 8 11:13:56 UTC 2019

Good morning (afternoon, evening, whatever),

     Coming on the heels of the recent news from the U.N. of one million 
species facing extinction,


...it wouldn't hurt to see if we can gain more members on Coral-List to 
spread the facts relating to the decline of coral reef ecosystems, as 
well as ways to increase resilience and bolster coral reef conservation 
methods.  We currently have 9,934 subscribers--let's see if we can hit 
10,000, at the least.  If you know of people (e.g., classrooms, field 
teams, agencies) who may be interested in learning more about our 
collective efforts, please send them this link so that they may learn 
more and contribute when appropriate:


     Oh, and Happy 24th Anniversary Coral-List!


     The Coral-List Admin Team
         Jim Hendee
         Mike Jankulak
         Lew Gramer
         Emeritus:  Louis Florit, co-originator

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