[Coral-List] PhD position in Benthic Ecology at University of Bologna, Italy

federica costantini federica.costantini at unibo.it
Fri May 10 07:04:09 UTC 2019

Hi all,

At Bologna University in Ravenna we have this interesting PhD position 

> PhD position in Benthic Ecology:
> Large-scale analysis of structural and functional spatiotemporal 
> patterns in soft bottom benthic communities
> University of Bologna, Ravenna Campus, Italy
> Closing date: 15 May 2019, see PhD Programme Table at the web site
> https://www.unibo.it/en/teaching/phd/2019-2020/cultural-environmental-heritage
> We are looking for a PhD candidate to join a 3-year research project 
> at the Experimental Ecology Laboratory, Ravenna Campus - University of 
> Bologna, where the aim is to investigate spatial and temporal patterns 
> of species distribution across large scales. A large dataset on the 
> abundance of benthic invertebrates along the Italian coast across 
> large spatial scales will be available. The study is focused at 
> investigating the role of natural processes and human disturbances in 
> structuring the assemblages and, ultimately, to contribute to 
> predicting future ecosystem changes. The project will focus on soft 
> bottom benthic invertebrate species, and the following objectives will 
> be addressed:
> • Analyse large data set on benthic invertebrates to disclose patterns 
> of distribution in relation to the main environmental parameters
> • Organise the available data in terms of life histories, trophic 
> guilds etc. to investigate the functional traits of the assemblages 
> and predict functional diversity distribution
> • Compare present day data with historical surveys form the middle 
> 20th century to detect major changes in species composition and abundances
> • Assess the effects of episodic events (heatwaves, dystrophic events, 
> algal blooms etc.) and chronic pressures (sprawl of infrastructures) 
> on benthic communities
> • Provide information for designing sustainable management and 
> conservation strategies for benthic ecosystem functions and related 
> services
> Candidates should have a MSc degree in aquatic or marine biology, 
> ecology or related fields. The PhD work will entail analyses of large 
> datasets on environmental monitoring, and could also include field 
> surveys. Experience in statistical software (PRIMER; PERMANOVA), as 
> well as ability to use R and basic knowledge of GIS are mandatory. 
> Advanced SCUBA-diving certificate is desirable. Good oral and written 
> English skills are required. Since public outreach is a central 
> component of the wider project, excellent communication skills are 
> considered advantageous.
> The PhD student will be supervised by Prof. Marco Abbiati and will 
> work in close collaboration with the Experimental Ecology Team at the 
> Ravenna Campus. The regional authority Regione Emilia Romagna funds 
> the project, and the PhD position will be located at the Ravenna 
> Campus University of Bologna.
> Applications should be submitted following the instructions provided 
> in the PhD Programme Table at the web site:
> https://www.unibo.it/en/teaching/phd/2019-2020/cultural-environmental-heritage
> The candidates have to apply for the specific grant in the Curriculum 
> 1: Position 13 - Development of instruments and methods for the 
> analysis and interpretation of environmental data sets for the 
> characterization of areas interested by offshore activities. The 
> deadline for application is 15 May 2019. To access the PhD programme 
> the candidate has to take the interview on 20 June 2019 at the Ravenna 
> Campus. Applicants can ask to take the interview remotely using Skype. 
> The PhD position starting date is 1 November 2019.
> About PhD studies in general at the University of Bologna see the link
> https://www.unibo.it/en/teaching/phd/information-enrolling-phd-programme/how-to-apply-phd- 
> programme
> The successful candidate has to follow the mandatory classes of the 
> PhD program in Cultural and Environmental Heritage. At the end of 
> every year the PhD student has to present a report on activities done. 
> To defend the thesis the candidate has to publish at least one paper 
> in an ISI referred journal.
> For more information contact Marco Abbiati (marco.abbiati at unibo.it 
> <mailto:marco.abbiati at unibo.it>)

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