[Coral-List] Carbon offsetting

Emma Lassiter emmalassiter at gmail.com
Fri May 10 21:33:51 UTC 2019

> Thank you for all the feedback.

Doug - helpful article

Franziska - thanks for the recommendations, and I agree about reduction,
videoconferencing and questioning the usefulness of conferences. Using
other modes of transport is not always an option, depending on geography
and family time commitments.

Ehsan - indeed. But what do you do in the case where locals ask for
technical help that they don't have in order to make more effective
decisions about managing their resources? This is the situation with the
organization I have been working with - One People One Reef. The community
directs this project and takes all the management decisions, but does not
currently have the skills or resources to survey their own reefs, monitor
water quality or address the impact of invasive species for example, and
capacity-building takes time.

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