[Coral-List] Carbon offsetting AND the need for innovative problem solvers

Elizabeth Scheimer elizabeth.scheimer at gmail.com
Wed May 15 21:23:50 UTC 2019

Obviously this is a huge issue with lots to talk about, but I suggest we
focus in on ICRS 2020.  I also love Judith's suggestion of "A network of
subregional, low-impact, mini-conferences, able to communicate with Bremen
next year".  Here in Hawaii, I'm sure NOAA, or the state, or any other
number of  organizations could fill up some of the conference rooms they
already have.  I'll bring brownies.  If we want to push from the bottom up
for any changes at ICRS 2020, now is the time (and hopefully not actually
too late in their planning process).  I was disappointed to hear when
Franziska said "I asked the organizers of the ICRS the same question about
a month ago and did not get a reply back, seems like they have no thoughts,
ideas or developments...why should they come up with solutions due to the
concerns of a single person."  I swear I remember on this list in the lead
up to the last ICRS we had the exact same discussion, though it didn't get
as much traction last time.  We all need to make this a priority.  I mean,
I just hopped on the the ICRS website... but I can't even get on the
actual *conference
*website because they decided to host it as .de  instead of .org like ICRS
itself, and my federal agency's security policy blocks those kinds of
websites.  We need to make remote accessibility a mandatory feature of our
engagement processes as much as possible/useful.

Can we get formal response from ICRS planners?  Is there any room or time
for changes?  Or can we on our own at local scales maybe agree to set up
our own concurrent mini-conferences?

Liz Scheimer

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