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Hi Zac:

In the Caribbean we have Siderastrea siderea, gonochoric broadcast spawner, and "odd" S. radians, gonochoric (very female skewed sex ratio) prolific brooder,  also a very hardy species that lives in extreme environments.  These species have been known forever. I am guessing your odd tolerant brooder has always been there, but just escaped notice until now.



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Dear all,

With all the bleak news, here are a few studies that might have a glimmer
of hope (for some corals anyway). One study found genetic structure and
possible local adaptation across contrasting environments for P.lobata:

Tisthammer KH, Forsman ZH, Toonen RJ, Richmond RH. 2020. Genetic structure
is stronger across human-impacted habitats than among islands in the coral
Porites lobata. PeerJ 8:e8550 https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.8550

The second study described a very odd little coral we found in Honolulu
harbor that is incredibly tough and a prolific brooder, yet genetically it
falls within the P.lobata species complex (which is a gonochoric
broadcast spawning coral).

Brown, N.P., Forsman, Z.H., Tisthammer, K.T. et al. A resilient brooding
coral in the broadcast spawning Porites lobata species complex: a new
endemic, introduced species, mutant, or new adaptive potential?. Coral
Reefs (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00338-020-01922-w


I think both of these studies are beginning to paint a picture of natural
selection and adaptation in action, with implications for reef restoration
and for understanding adaptation.... Stay tuned for the genomic data! ;)

Hope you are all very well and stay safe.


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