[Coral-List] CCMI Announces First Women in Ocean Science Award Scholar- Dr. Sarah Gignoux-Wolfsohn

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In a week filled with such horrible news worldwide - it’s nice to see some
positive news.  Congrats to Sarah


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> CCMI Announces First Women in Ocean Science Award Scholar- Dr. Sarah
> Gignoux-Wolfsohn
> The Central Caribbean Marine Institute’s (CCMI) President and CEO, Dr.
> Carrie Manfrino, and the WIOSA Advisory Council are pleased to announce the
> first Women in Ocean Science Award (WIOSA) scholar, Dr. Sarah
> Gignoux-Wolfsohn, who is studying the effects of bivalve community
> diversity on the distribution of pathogens and related microbial
> communities at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Centre.
> Dr. Gignoux-Wolfsohn was chosen for the WIOSA Scholarship through a
> competitive application process that included applicants from more than 10
> countries and some of the best research labs in the world. Dr. Gretchen
> Goodbody-Gringley, Director of Research and Distinguished Scientist at
> CCMI, has been impressed by the range and calibre of applicants, resulting
> in Dr. Gignoux-Wolfsohn being identified as the wining scholar stating, “We
> are thrilled to be giving the first WIOSA Scholar to Dr. Gignoux-Wolfsohn.
> She is a shining example of productivity in the face of hardship; with an
> excellent publication record and strong determination, she is sure to
> become a leader in ocean science. Her focus on coral disease transmission
> is timely and relevant, and it perfectly complements the current research
> programmes at CCMI. We are excited to begin a long-lasting collaboration
> with her.”
> Dr. Gignoux-Wolfsohn’s winning application, which was selected by the
> WIOSA panel that includes Dr. Carrie Manfrino, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. Amy
> Apprill, Dr. Christine Ferrier-Pages, Dr. Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley and
> Dr. Hollie Putnum, outlined a project to examine the effects of coral reef
> community diversity on coral health. Dr. Gignoux-Wolfsohn, as the first
> WIOSA scholar, has set a high bar.
> She said, “I am very excited to be the first recipient of the WIOSA. I am
> honoured to have been chosen by the amazing scientists at CCMI and WIOSA
> advisors. I am looking forward to contributing to the amazing woman-led
> research programmes at CCMI and to help mentor the next generation of
> female scientists. This award will greatly advance my research programme,
> integrating theory and ideas from other systems with my PhD work on coral
> health and disease. Infectious disease is one of the greatest threats to
> corals and the coral reef ecosystems they build. By testing methods to
> improve the resilience of coral communities, my work at CCMI will advance
> our understanding of community ecology, disease, and microbial community
> composition with implications for coral restoration and the creation of
> resilient coral reefs.”
> The WIOSA internships will also soon be announced, with an equally
> impressive number of excellent applications currently being assessed by the
> panel. CCMI would like to thank the Brian Melito and Jessica Colker Trust
> for supporting this programme.
> More information at: https://reefresearch.org/wiosa-scholar/
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