[Coral-List] first captive breeding of ridged cactus coral

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Actually, the reproductive cycle has been know (level of detail depending on which spp of Mycetophyllia the common name refers to), and planulation has been done easily and in the lab since mid-late 1980s if one knows when to try. The question I have for the Florida Aquarium folks is whether they fostered the complete reproductive cycle in the aquarium? In Puerto Rico the corals spawn (release sperm but retain eggs; internal fertilization) in the December to January time frame and take 3-4 months to brood their larvae (Szmant A.M. 1986. Reproductive ecology of Caribbean reef corals. Coral Reefs. 5: 43 54.). The timing could be different in Florida. I don't know whether they self-fertilize, many corals cannot.  Did the aquarium colonies go through the complete reproductive cycle in captivity?  I never tried to keep them that long. Most of my samples were M. ferox but I also analyzed for comparison some M. lamarckiana and a few other Caribbean species. Ernesto Weil (Univ of Puerto Rico Mayaguez) and his lab group have also worked with this group and can provide more updated detail. 

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The Florida Aquarium just became the first in the world to reproduced ridged cactus coral in human care https://a.msn.com/r/2/BB131Ehn?m=en-us&referrerID=InAppShare
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