[Coral-List] The last week #IMOR2020

Nohora Galvis icri.colombia at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 16:47:21 UTC 2020

The last week of the International Month Of the Reef #IMOR2020 Coincides
with #CoralsWeek
As Our #CitizenScience Early reports on the #SanAndres Dive Sites Map
Matches with recent declaration: Mid South-West Coral reefs Most affected
by #HurricaneIota in that Island.

Until the 5th of December #DiaNacionalDelArrecife
You can participate posting with Hashtag #IMOR2020 or voting with likes on
Instagram listed short videoclips about advices to improve coral reef
conservation effectiveness

Until now we acknowledge active participation from @icrs_students
"scientists advocate for a study of macroecology that places humans as a
key factor" https://www.instagram.com/p/CHPcJjzhAox/?igshid=18ic21zhqu7qg

We thanks also the many direct messages from international scientists with
interesting advices that every country should act now to be ready with
adaptation, mitigation and contingency plans for the increase on intensity
and frequency of hurricanes in the Caribbean Sea or Typhoons in the the
NorthPacific or Cyclones at the IndoPacific due to Climate Change.  For
example, according to Tom Goreau, from Jamaican experience, Biorock is the
only method that protects corals against both bleaching and Category 5
hurricanes. Bigger biorocks may helped to survive corals of hope.

Thanks to all !!

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