[Coral-List] ICRS Call for Awards and Honors Nominations ~2 months until deadline

Lisa Rodrigues lisa.rodrigues at villanova.edu
Tue Dec 8 14:21:03 UTC 2020

Dear ICRS Members:

Please nominate your ICRS colleagues for their research and conservation accomplishments! These Society Awards are only available to ICRS members, so please encourage your colleagues to join us<https://icrs.memberclicks.net/membership-application#/> today. https://icrs.memberclicks.net/membership-application#/

Colleagues at all career levels are eligible for the following annual awards. Nominations for all awards listed below close on February 15, 2021.  Complete nomination criteria, information, and award descriptions can be found online<http://coralreefs.org/awards-and-honors/nominations/>. http://coralreefs.org/awards-and-honors/nominations/

  *   Eminence in Research Award
  *   Mid-Career Award
  *   Early-Career Award
  *   World Reef Award
  *   Coral Reef Conservation Award
  *   ICRS Fellows
  *   Honorary Members

Submit a complete nomination online<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSebRcxuZgiSAsLxtCMWI4eIv0DTXBU7xm8eaf5th3CDI1nAFQ/viewform>, email nominations will no longer be accepted. Instructions for the new online form can be found here<http://coralreefs.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/ICRS-Awards-Honors-Nomination-Instructions.pdf>. Questions about ICRS honors and awards can be addressed to Dr. Lisa Rodrigues<mailto:lisa.rodrigues at villanova.edu> (lisa.rodrigues at villanova.edu<mailto:lisa.rodrigues at villanova.edu>) and Dr. Carly Randall<mailto:Carly%20Randall%20%3cc.randall at aims.gov.au%3e> (c.randall at aims.gov.au<mailto:c.randall at aims.gov.au>).

Previous recipients of all ICRS Awards and Honors are listed below and online<http://coralreefs.org/awards-and-honors/recipients/>. http://coralreefs.org/awards-and-honors/recipients/

Thank you,

ICRS Honors and Awards Committee

Darwin Medal

2020 Nancy Knowlton
2016 John Randall
2012 Jeremy Jackson
2008 Terry Hughes
2004 J. E. N. (Charlie) Veron
2000 Yossi Loya
1996 Ian G. MacIntyre
1992 Peter W. Glynn
1988 David Stoddart

Eminence in Research Award
2020 Joanie Kleypas
2020 Valerie Paul
2018 James W. Porter
2018 Rolf P. M. Bak
2017 Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
2017 Tim McClanahan
2016 Bette Willis
2016 Katharina Fabricius
2015 Barbara Brown

Mid-Career Award
2020 Andrew Baird
2019 Nicholas A. J. Graham
2018 Joshua E. Cinner
2017 Morgan Pratchett
2016 Andréa Grottoli
2015 Peter Mumby

Early-Career Award
2020 Carly Kenkel
2019 Lauren T. Toth
2017 Emily Darling
2015 Erinn Muller

Coral Reef Conservation Award
2020 Nyawira Muthiga
2020 Susan Mary Wells
2019 Alan T. White
2018 Rodney (Rod) V. Salm

World Reef Award
2018 Ranjeet Bhagooli
2017 Joseph Maina Mbui
2017 Lorenzo Alvarez-Filip
2016 Sangeeta Mangubhai

ICRS Fellows (in addition to those individuals listed above)
2020 Tamar Goulet
2020 Janice Lough
2020 Hollie Putnam
2020 Mark E. Warner
2020 Clive Robert Wilkinson
2020 Jens Zinke
2019 Ruth Gates
2018 Andrew Hoey
2018 Philip Munday
2017 Christine Schonberg
2016 Mark Hixon
2016 Rupert Ormond
2016 Peter Sale
2015 John Pandolfi
2015 Robert Van Woesik

Lisa J Rodrigues
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Geography & the Environment
Villanova University
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lisa.rodrigues at villanova.edu<mailto:lisa.rodrigues at villanova.edu>
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