[Coral-List] IODP Expedition 358 documentary panel discussion at AGU20

Shane Hanlon hanloc2107 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 13:30:19 UTC 2020

If you're attending AGU20, consider checking out a panel today at 11:00 AM ET featuring researchers from the IODP Expedition 358 Nantoseize Deep Riser 4 who will talk with filmmaker Dan Brinkhuis who produced a documentary and science journalist Alexandra Witze who wrote about the expedition. The short documentary about success and failure is a real look into what it's like to take on grand projects in science. 

You can watch the documentary here: http://ow.ly/oi9p50CFJjY <http://ow.ly/oi9p50CFJjY>  

Join us for the panel here (AGU20 registration required): http://ow.ly/2zn250CFJjX <http://ow.ly/2zn250CFJjX> 

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