[Coral-List] Jan 1 Deadline - PhD Opportunities (fully funded) at UMiami RSMAS - Marine and Atmospheric Science

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Tue Dec 15 14:58:18 UTC 2020

Please see below a list of opportunities and contact information for
faculty that are accepting applications for PhD opportunities (fully
funded) at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and
Atmospheric Science. Deadline for submission is January 1st:

Assistantship Title Department Faculty Email
Iceberg Monitoring from Space OCE Hans Graber hgraber at cstars.miami.edu
Harnessing sexual reproduction to develop and test interventions to
increase coral resilience MBE Andrew Baker a <hgraber at cstars.miami.edu>
baker at rsmas.miami.edu
Evolution of Innate Immunity in Ctenophores MBE Nikki Traylor-Knowles
ntraylorknowles at rsmas.miami.edu
Impacts of Atmospheric Reactions on Air Quality ATM/OCE Cassandra Gaston
cgaston at rsmas.miami.edu
Impacts of Aerosols on Oceans and Rainforests ATM/OCE Cassandra Gaston
cgaston at rsmas.miami.edu
Near-Surface Observations as Probes on Mantle and Subduction Dynamics MGS Adam
Holt aholt at miami.edu
Sub-Seasonal to Decadal Predictability and Prediction ATM/MPO Ben Kirtman
bkirtman at rsmas.miami.edu
Seismic Velocity Structure and Dynamic Triggering in the Caribbean Region
MGS Guoqing Lin glin at rsmas.Miami.edu
Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change: Interactions Between the Inner-Core and
Environment ATM/MPO Sharan Majumdar smajumdar at rsmas.miami.edu
Characterizing African Easterly Wave Variability and Environmental Factors
Associated with Tropical Cyclogenesis ATM/MPO Sharan Majumdar
smajumdar at rsmas.miami.edu
Tropical Cyclogenesis: Processes and Predictability ATM/MPO Sharan Majumdar
smajumdar at rsmas.miami.edu
Reef Growth and Sedimentation in the Red Sea Rift  MGS Sam Purkis
spurkis at rsmas.miami.edu
Climate Change: Clouds, Circulation and Climate ATM/MPO Brian Soden
bsoden at rsmas.miami.edu
Seasonal Variations in Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Over the Southeast
Atlantic and Their Radiative Impact ATM Paquita Zuidema pzuidema at miami.edu
Low Cloud Organization in the Caribbean ATM Paquita Zuidema
pzuidema at miami.edu

The full list can be found here:

Application is found here: https://www.applyweb.com/miamigrd/index.ftl

Also, *if you are interested in signing up for a virtual 1 on 1 session,
please click the link below to schedule a virtual meeting with:*

   - *Dr. Josh Coco (myself): Executive Director of Advancement at the
   Rosenstiel School, works closely with graduate students but can talk about
   any aspect of the school. To set up a time to chat one on one virtually
   with me, please click here:** https://calendly.com/joshcoco
   - *Kat Grazioso: Completed her Master of Professional Science Degree
   (MPS) in Tropical Marine Ecology at the Rosenstiel School and now is a
   program coordinator at the school, and can answer general questions on all
   programs. To set up a time to chat one on one virtually with Kat, please
   click here: **https://calendly.com/katgrazioso
   - *Emma Pontes: Completed her undergraduate degree at the University of
   Miami with a double major in Marine Science and Biology and a minor in
   Chemistry, earned her MPS degree at the UMiami in Tropical Marine Ecosystem
   Management and is now earning her PhD at RSMAS in the marine biology
   department. **https://calendly.com/emmapontes

Virtual tour of campus can be found here (led by Emma):

Any questions, please ask!!


Josh Coco, Ed. D.
Executive Director, Rosenstiel School
Tel: (305) 421.4002
Fax: (305) 421.4711
Direct: jcoco at rsmas.miami.edu

University of Miami
RSMAS Campus SLAB 105C
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149-1031

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