[Coral-List] Science communication, policy, and professional development virtual workshops from the American Geophysical Union

Shane Hanlon hanloc2107 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 16:07:14 UTC 2020

The ability to communicate science not only to peers, but also to non-science audiences, is a critical skill for both science dissemination and career development. AGU's Sharing Science program (agu.org/sharingscience <http://agu.org/sharingscience>) provides virtual workshops that provide scientists the skills, tools, and resources to communicate their science effectively, and attractively, to broad audiences.
We are currently accepting workshop requests for 2021. Workshops can range from half- to multi-day events, covering a broad range of topics including (but not limited to):
	• Science communication basics
	• Communicating to policymakers
	• Working with journalists
	• Sharing science via social and digital media
	• Utilizing multimedia platforms (e.g. audio, video)
	• Crafting a science story
	• Cultivating an online presence
We provide workshops for scientists of all career stages and all scientific disciplines (i.e., not just AGU members). Workshop participants will also have the opportunity to become part of a worldwide community of science communicators and policy advocates beyond the workshop.
Find more information on workshops, testimonials, and the request form here: https://tinyurl.com/upvfl2z <https://tinyurl.com/upvfl2z> 

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