[Coral-List] Workshop on approaches to coral bleaching data assimilation

Robert van Woesik rvw at fit.edu
Wed Dec 16 13:52:32 UTC 2020

Coral Bleaching Research Coordination Network call for participant applications for a workshop on: Approaches to coral bleaching data assimilation

The Coral Bleaching Research Coordination Network (CBRCN) will be hosting a third workshop: Coral-bleaching data-assimilation workshop. The workshop will be held on May 11–14, 2021 at The Ohio State University, USA.
Temperature stress is the single largest threat to coral reefs globally and is the focal topic of the Coral Bleaching RCN. The CBRCN has been exploring the most effective methods to improve the rate of coral-bleaching discovery. To increase efficiency, we aim to develop recommendations on accessibility, utility, and comparability of coral-bleaching data across spatial and temporal scales. Our ability to determine how corals may or may not survive this century will be enhanced by the outcomes of this workshop.
To this end, the goals of the third Coral Bleaching RCN coral-bleaching data-assimilation workshop are to:

        *   Determine the availability, accessibility, and comparability of interdisciplinary coral-bleaching data.
        *   Recommend appropriate environmental covariates and their spatial and temporal resolution that should be included to facilitate cross-study comparisons of coral bleaching.
        *   Assess which data sharing and archiving platforms are most useful and efficient for comparable and compatible databases.

We seek input and participation from researchers across a broad range of disciplines and at various career stages. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent to be eligible to apply. The workshop will be a hybrid model in which applicants can be either in-person or remote. For in-person participants, hotel accommodation and lunches will be provided, and airfares will be provided for participants from US institutions. Workshop participants will be required to attend all three days of the workshop, to complete all of the pre- and post-workshop activities, and to potentially host an Early Career Trainee through the Coral Bleaching RCN program. The CBRCN is funded by the United States National Science Foundation, and as stipulated by the funding agency, at least 85% of workshop participants must be affiliated with US institutions.
To apply, please visit https://u.osu.edu/grottoli.1/coral-bleaching-rcn/workshop-3-data-synthesis-11-14may2021/ and download the application forms and submit your application to Rob van Woesik (rvw at fit.edu)<mailto:rvw at fit.edu)> by 22 January 2021 with Coral Bleaching RCN Workshop in the subject line. For questions, contact Rob van Woesik directly.

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