[Coral-List] A student's guide to the h-index

David Blakeway fathom5marineresearch at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 19:14:36 UTC 2020

Thank you! (for bursting my bubble :) I have this delusion I see the
problem, but it's only 'a' problem.
Regarding your point 1, nasty me thinks 'yeah, managers, my second
least-favourite species after marketers' Nice me thinks 'they are
well-meaning, just trying to advance the department/school/university
according to current best practice'
To point 2 it's 'come on, stop this joke, we all see what you're doing' and
'worldwide collaboration is exactly what we need right now'
What do you mean when you say you 'despair of solutions'?
And isn't your point 2 a direct consequence of the h-index?

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