[Coral-List] ICRS Call for Nominations for Posts of Recording Secretary, Treasurer and Six Replacement Council Members

Michael Sweet M.Sweet at derby.ac.uk
Mon Jul 13 09:23:17 UTC 2020

The International Coral Reef Society (http://coralreefs.org/<http://icrs.memberclicks.net/message2/link/92282a44-850a-40c4-9b36-fcfef619d743/1>) is seeking nominations of ICRS members interested in supporting and serving their Society as an Officer or Councillor.

ICRS is accepting nominations and self-nominations for 6 council member positions and 2 officer positions (Treasurer and Recording Secretary). All ICRS members are eligible for these positions. The completed nomination form (http://coralreefs.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/ICRS-Council_Nomination.pdf<http://icrs.memberclicks.net/message2/link/92282a44-850a-40c4-9b36-fcfef619d743/2>), short CV, and statement can be submitted to the ICRS Corresponding Secretary Dr. Michael Sweet (m.sweet at derby.ac.uk<http://icrs.memberclicks.net/message2/link/92282a44-850a-40c4-9b36-fcfef619d743/3>) by the 31st August 2020. The candidate, proposer (or nominator) and seconder must all be paid-up members of the Society. Members who have served before are encouraged to offer themselves again, if they wish. Members who are not sure of another person's membership may check with the corresponding secretary, or in the on-line directory available on the Members' page of the website at: https://icrs.memberclicks.net/member-directory/<http://icrs.memberclicks.net/message2/link/92282a44-850a-40c4-9b36-fcfef619d743/4>.

Officers meet monthly via zoom and the full council (Officers and Councillors) meet quarterly via zoom. All Officers and Councillors have the opportunity to join committees (i.e., Awards committee, Education committee, Communication committee, Conservation committee, and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee), propose new initiatives, and be involved in decisions about how the Society functions. ICRS Officers and Councillors contribute to the ICRS vision and ensure ICRS remains a global leader in coral reef scientific discovery, education, and a strong voice for science-informed policies that protect our coral reefs for future generations. If you would like more information please contact one or more of the current officers or council, details of whom may be found on the Society's website at: https://coralreefs.org/about-icrs/officers-and-councilors/<http://icrs.memberclicks.net/message2/link/92282a44-850a-40c4-9b36-fcfef619d743/5>.

ICRS recognizes the diversity of our members and the strength it provides to our organization. We strongly encourage applicants from all countries, identities, backgrounds, and career stages to consider being nominated or self-nominating themselves for one of the positions.

Thank you,
Dr. Michael Sweet, ICRS Corresponding Secretary

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